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The Situation

  • The number of Producers farming 5000 acres or more of corn or soybeans has grown 4 fold in just the last 5 years.
  • The scale of these farms means the purchasing dynamics and supplier needs are different from the average farm.
  • Suppliers have limited current options i.e. – trade shows, grower meetings which many of these target growers do not attend.
  • If Supplier organization has contact it is filtered through many layers of sales management.
  • Producers no longer have the luxury of time for multiple Supplier meetings.
  • The need for suppliers to understand the purchasing patterns and input decision making of these large farms is critical.

The Solution

  • Organized strategic selling meetings with Suppliers and Key Producers.
  • Private, one-on-one, meetings (45 minutes in length) at a common forum for Suppliers and Key Producers
  • Coordinated and moderated by NFocus.

Benefits to your organization

  • Real Strategic meetings with decision makers from both sides of the table.
  • Build and continue a dialogue with industry leaders.
  • Pre-call planning time for both parties to prepare for the meetings.
  • Network with broader group of agribusiness professionals.